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Our Classes and Staff



Head Teacher: Barbara Smith

Depute Head Teacher:  Barbara Webster

Principal Teacher (Acting): Tony Munro

Principal Teacher: Sharon Falconer


Our Classes

ESA 1 Room 1: Mrs McClure

ESA 1 Room 2:  Miss Bowen

ESA Room 3: Mrs Snee

Primary 1A: Miss Roarty

Primary 1B: Miss Westwood

Primary 2A: Miss Campbell

Primary 2B: Miss Weymss 

Primary 3A: Mrs MacDonald

Primary 3B: Mr Trevorrow

Primary 4A: Miss Wallace

Primary 4B: Miss Ezell

Primary 4/5: Miss Dick

Primary 5: Mrs Fleming (Monday - Wednesday), Mrs Hendry (Wednesday - Friday)

Primary 6A: Miss McWilliam

Primary 6B: Mrs Stewart

Primary 7A: Miss Tough

Primary 7B: Mr Bowman (Monday - Wednesday), Miss Mays (Thursday and Friday)


Non-Contact Cover: Mrs Bryceland (P1-3), Miss Mays (P4-7) and Mrs Diamond (P4 and P6)

Supporting Learners: Ms Mac, Ms Raeburn, Miss Saigeon


Active Schools

Gareth Dailly and Craig Feret


Support Staff

Mrs Syme and Mrs Stewart

Mr Whyte, Mrs Feeney, Mrs Smith, Mrs Low, Mrs Barr, Mrs Robb

Mrs Boath, Mrs Sinclair, Miss Hunter, Miss Duff


School Family Development Worker

Caitlyn Paterson

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