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Information for August 2020

Guidance for school return in August

Dear Parents/Carers,


18th June 2020


I hope you are all well and keeping safe?   Now that Scottish Government and the Local Authority have issued new Guidance regarding returning to school after the Summer, I wanted to share some of the high level messages with you.

I want to reassure you that although school will look very different when we return that we have been working alongside staff and parent council to ensure we get the best solutions for our families.

The guidance states we should have no more than 15 children and a teacher in a class. We are fortunate that our classes are a good size and we can accommodate this and keep the children 2 metres apart.  This means children will be in school 50% of the time split over an A week and a B week,  which allows us to see all children each week, we have decided to split our weeks.  In an A week, your child will be in school from Monday to Wednesday and home school on Thursday and Friday.  In a B week your child will be at home Monday to Wednesday and in school Thursday and Friday.  We hope that this helps with child care and shift work as it is part weeks child care you will need not 5 days at once.  We will let you know in advance which week your child should attend.

On the first week of term the children are in for only 4 days so we would propose to split it two days and two days so all children have the same amount of time in school the first week. Further joining instructions will be sent to you as will arrangements for our new P1 pupils starting school.

There will be no breakfast clubs or after school clubs running for the foreseeable future.  FOOSC will not be operating from Fintry PS at the moment due to our rooms being required for Nursery and School.

Families who are key workers can apply to have their children looked after in school during their shift patterns.  After summer it is hoped that child minders and Grannies/Families will be able to be utilised for child care, so we are not expecting many Key Workers children requiring places during the school day between 9am – 3.15pm.

We shall try as far as possible to bring siblings into school on the same weeks but this will be determined by the numbers we are restricted to.  We shall also stagger the start and end times to the school day to avoid crowds of pupils arriving at the same time but we shall give more information later.

We have been asked to ensure all parents/carers leave pupils at the main gates in the mornings and collect them from the main gates in the evenings to avoid crowds congregating in the playgrounds.  If parents wish to speak to staff they should telephone the office staff to make an appointment.  Arrangements for our ESA pupils will be sent separately.

Children will be expected to be in school from 9am to 3.15pm and to have lunch in school.  No children will be permitted to leave school at lunchtime to avoid any chance of contamination over the day.   Lunches will be provided by Tayside Contracts as normal and initially will be a cold packed lunch served within the classroom to avoid movement around school.  Children who wish to bring a packed lunch are encouraged to do so.

All children should bring bottles with water as the water fountains are to be switched off and will not be available to pupils.

We are very proud of our school uniform and our children wear it with pride but we may need to relax the rule around uniform for at least the first two terms.   There has been guidance issued regarding sport and for the foreseeable future we have been discouraged from having our regular sport programme.  In addition we cannot use the changing rooms as we can’t socially distance sufficiently.  We are encouraged to use outdoors for both sport and learning which we will do.  The question of uniform then is quite difficult.  What we would ask is that rather than doing without uniform altogether we compromise and ask that children wear our polo shirts and sweatshirts or plain purple polo shirts/sweatshirts with black trousers or plain black joggers.  These can be ordered as normal from the office or purchased without the school badge in local supermarkets.  Children should also have a waterproof jacket with them as they will go out in inclement weather.

I am still awaiting my staffing to be finalised and as soon as I have that I will write to you again to let you know which class your child will be in next session, who the teacher will be and which week you have been assigned either A or B.

We shall be inviting parents/carers/pupils to collect their school reports and P7 Yearbooks next week.  In order to protect everyone we shall be giving you a time to collect so please keep an eye on your text and our app/Twitter feed.

I am aware that this is a lot of information and the details are not fleshed out for you but I thought you would like to know what the plan is looking like for our pupils return to school. We shall post the letter on our usual Website, Twitter etc. along with a poster we made to help explain the main points.

In addition the Authority have published a FAQs section on the DCC website and I would ask you to check it as it will be updated regularly.

I can’t tell you how much we are missing the children and can’t wait to have them back in school.  Thank you for your continued support.  Stay Safe and take care.



B Smith

Head Teacher


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